For participants

To study decision making, researcher often need people and their decisions as research data. PCRClab invites people to participate in social science research. By registering, you will start receiving invitations to research studies by email. You can sign up as a volunteer at:

Participation is always voluntary. Participation in laboratory studies is always rewarded. The size of the monetary reward depends on the study and its particularities.

What is experimental social science research?

Experimental research has evolved to complement the more theoretical approaches in social sciences. It provides tools with which we can increase our understanding of how people and institutions really function.

Experimentalists study societal phenomena (not the individuals) in a purposefully created and controlled environment in the laboratory. Decisions made in the laboratory are anonymous (they cannot be connected with you personally) and the data is analysed at group level. The decisions has often real consequences: for example, they may affect participants’ earnings.

It is prohibited to give false information in the studies and this binds both the researchers and the participants.

How can I participate?

By registering as a volunteer, you will begin to receive email invitations to different research projects. Registration happens on the website Once you have received an invitation, you can choose the time that best suits you and sign up as a participant. We appreciate you arrive early to the study session!

Where can I get more information?

The participant register can be found at This website features answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), the rules of the laboratory, and the data protection plan.